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Terms & conditions

Terms and Conditions are necessary to protect both our interests.  We're sorry that this stuff is a bit dry and wordy, but it is important stuff.  Please read on...

The most important thing for us is that you have a safe, relaxing and enjoyable stay at Edgar House, and we welcome you to book your stay with us, but conditional upon us confirming your reservation, you must agree with and accept the following Terms and Conditions (Ts&Cs)

If there is anything in these Ts&Cs which you do not accept or do not agree with, then you must not make a reservation
But upon making a reservation, it will be deemed that you agree with and accept our Ts&Cs.  Thank you

The advertised rates at Edgar House, are per room per night based on two adults sharing, and the price as agreed when reservation confirmation is accepted, is guaranteed
Single occupancy rates can be given on application

Breakfast is included within your rate, and is therefore not a refundable option should you not wish to take breakfast

It is necessary for us to take the details of a credit or debit card in order to secure your reservation but this needn't be the same card with which you choose to settle your bill
We reserve the right to cancel your reservation if the details of a credit or debit card cannot be verified
This credit card will be used for the charge of a non-arrival (also known as a no-show), losses and damages (please see later)

We will securely store the personal and credit or debit card details given to us, in a way which is PCI DSS compliant

Unfortunately we do not accept American Express, personal cheques or travellers' cheques
You must ensure you have the means to pay your bill on check-out, before you check-in
Common sense really

Our rooms are subject to availability, and whilst every effort is made to ensure you are given the room of your choice, we reserve the right to withdraw the availability of any room without notice at any time
Under such circumstances we will offer you an alternative room without penalty to us, but again subject to availability
We will always advise you as soon as possible if a change to your reservation or indeed a cancellation of your reservation was necessary and Edgar House will offer you a refund
Edgar House will not be liable for any losses, expenses or costs incurred by you as a result of us having to change or cancel your reservation

'Special Offers' we make from time to time, may be changed or withdrawn without notice, and any time limits made with those offers cannot be extended

Deposits and Settlement

We are unable to guarantee your booking without a valid debit or credit card

Your deposit (and settling your bill on departure) may be made using cash, voucher, credit card or debit card though we're sorry to say we don't accept American Express
Cash or voucher deposits must also be accompanied by a valid debit or credit card
Voucher deposits are subject to the same conditions as cash or debit or credit card deposits (in particular the forfeit of the voucher's value due to cancellation)
We will take the details of your card and store them securely in line with PCI DSS standards
Approximately 1 week before arrival, we will process a pre-authorisation check on your chosen card
A pre-authorisation check on a card is an industry standard method of ensuring the card can cope with the expected spend
If a pre-authorisation check should fail, we will notify you immediately
Please be aware that we must have a valid debit or credit card no less than 72 hours before arrival
We are unable to guarantee your booking without a valid debit or credit card, and we reserve the right to cancel your reservation if you are unable to provide the details of a valid debit or credit card 72 hours before arrival

Ordinarily, we will take the value of the first night's stay
The balance plus any other charges accrued during your stay will be due on departure

A reservation which takes Edgar House for exclusive use by your party, for however many nights, must be paid for in full and in advance, no later than six weeks before the start date of your reservation, or immediately if less than six weeks
We will need to charge a damages security deposit also, and this will be negotiated at the time of reservation
Please see our cancellation policy (below) for multi-room reservations


Non-arrivals (also known as 'no shows') will be charged the entire cost of the stay, i.e. each room for each night booked

Cancellation Policy

Third party booking sites (for example Expedia) may have their own Cancellation Policy which may vary from our own
You must check that you are happy with any Cancellation Policy before booking
Once you have booked you have entered into a legally binding contract and are immediately bound by the Terms and Conditions and Cancellation Policy
The Cancellation Policy of the third party (for example Expedia) takes precedent over our own

Our own Cancellation Policy we believe is very fair for both parties, and we ask for 28 days' notice

All cancellations must be made in writing either by email or post
I'm afraid we can't accept cancellations by phone or by fax

When you made your reservation, we asked you for a financial commitment - a deposit - and we reserved the room(s) in your name for your chosen date(s)
The deposit may have been in the form of cash, debit card, credit card or voucher

The deposit secures the room(s) for you for your chosen dates, and implies that you will honour the reservation for each and every room and night as originally reserved

Whilst reserved in your name, no-one else was able to reserve your room(s) for those dates

If you should now cancel your reservation, in whole or in part, you are implicitly wanting to give your room(s) up for all or for some of your chosen dates and asking us to re-advertise your room(s) on your behalf
We will then do our utmost to re-sell your room(s) for you for the date(s) you are cancelling, by removing your reservation from our system, and contacting guests on our cancellation list
Reservations close at 6pm for the day of arrival, so the re-sale of your room would need to occur before 6pm

We have no desire to profit from you for your cancellation
However, we have also likely lost out to other prospective guests, whilst the room(s) was/were reserved for you for your chosen dates

We will then only ask for payment for the cancelled room(s) on the cancelled date(s), if no other guest takes your room(s) for those dates
If anyone else should take your room(s) for the cancelled date(s) then there will be no charge (except bank charges)
A multi-night cancellation must re-sell in full

Please note that a multi-room reservation cancellation would mean a charge as above for each and every room cancelled

These charges are made because at such short notice, we are unlikely to be able to re-sell your room(s)
We think this is only fair

If in any of the above circumstances we are able to re-sell the room(s) for you, we will refund you (less banking charges)
We think you'll agree, this too is only fair

If you wish to change the dates of a booking, then this is tantamount to cancelling the booking for the existing set of dates and making another booking for the new set of dates

We hope you also understand that there are still costs to Edgar House in cancelling a reservation, and all we wish to do is ensure that these costs are recovered
Edgar House does not wish to make gain from our guests by charging so called 'administration fees'
Each booking is different and has its own costs dependent on whether the booking was made through the booking widget which sits on our website, made through a third party website, or made over the phone
Each of these incurs costs to us and we would need to recover these costs
We therefore only charge £5 as a nominal fee for each credit or debit card transaction, to counter our banking charges, and we will deduct this from your refund, where a refund is due

Losses and Damages

Whilst accidents can happen, you agree that you will pay for any damages howsoever caused, by you or any of your party
We would hope that damages would be brought to our attention first, but we reserve the right to charge your credit or debit card for any damages including those discovered immediately after your departure

We also reserve the right to charge your credit or debit card for the loss of any items from your guest room during your stay and/or for any items which are discovered missing immediately after your departure
Prices of most items in your guest room are available in your in-room brochure

The Edgar House Library room is for your delight and delectation, but any books borrowed must be returned before departure please, unless we've agreed a book swap with you


If you would like to purchase a voucher as a gift, or if you have been given a voucher to spend with us, please note that all vouchers have an expiry date, and this date cannot be extended
It is always advisable to book in advance and please note that reservations for tables and for overnight stays are subject to availability

Vouchers used as a deposit for a table or room reservation, are subject to the same conditions as cash or debit or credit card deposits (in particular the forfeit of the voucher's value due to cancellation)
Please see our Cancellation Policy for further information

If you would like to spend a voucher during your visit, we would be grateful if you could let us have the voucher code in advance, so as to avoid delay on the day of your visit
Please note that a voucher is of itself valueless and the monies used to purchase the voucher have already been spent
The voucher can be used to offset a bill in whole or in part, but no change can be given, and the voucher cannot be refunded nor redeemed for cash


We consider Edgar House to be an adult hotel, where, particularly if you're a parent, you might wish to leave the kids (if under 14 years) with another loved one whilst you take a break away from them
So we only allow young children into the hotel when you're knowingly part of a party that has children, and Edgar House has been taken for exclusive use by that party

For Edgar's Riverside Eating, adult visitors are welcome to bring children of any age, under supervision, into the gardens and Library
Please note however that we would not consider the garden to be a playground
Please ensure the children you bring onto the premises are under your guidance and supervision at all times

NB - Our garden is atop the ancient City Wall and there are some very steep drops beyond our walls

Smoking Policy

Edgar House is by nature of its business, open to the public, and as such it is illegal to smoke anywhere within Edgar House
All rooms including guest rooms and guest room balconies are therefore strictly non-smoking, including so-called e-cigarettes

Deep-cleaning costs will be incurred if you or your guest(s) choose to smoke anywhere within Edgar House, and we reserve the right to charge your credit or debit card for these cleaning costs, at the prevailing rate
This policy does not alter in the case that your reservation takes Edgar House for exclusive use by your party

Smoke detectors exist in every guest room, and in other places within Edgar House
They exist for the protection of life and property.  You must not tamper with or cover these detectors

Late Check-out

Our usual check-out time is 11am, however we are happy to accommodate a later check-out time (though no later than 3pm) at a cost of £30


For your security and peace of mind, there is 24/7 CCTV recording in operation, in and around Edgar House, and it is available for police inspection
Edgar House's car park and gardens are also under surveillance, but all belongings brought onto the premises and all vehicles (and their contents) are left at the owner's risk

Fireplaces and burning candles

Edgar House operates the use of real burning fires, log burners, and occasionally burning candles, in the communal areas ONLY.
By definition therefore, naked flames exist
You agree never to interfere with any of our burning fires, log burners or burning candles, including the adding of any materials whatsoever to the fires
Only the owners or staff of Edgar House should tend the burning fires, log burners or burning candles
Basically we don't want you to get burned

Also, most of our guest rooms have fireplaces
Guest room fireplaces are purely ornamental
Under no circumstances must any naked flame or fire be started in the guest room, and you agree so not to do

Honesty Bar

Please be honest about the honesty bar!
Our Honesty Bar is there for your enjoyment, and all we ask is that you write down the drinks which you have taken
By making use of the honesty bar, you agree to be charged for the drinks taken, at the end of your stay
The honesty bar is strictly for over 18s only, and is for the sole use of resident guests
Being subject to Alcohol Licensing laws, it is locked shut at certain times

Mini Cinema

The mini cinema is for your use, and our DVD library, has lots of DVD and Blu-ray discs for you to play during your stay
Please return them after you've watched them, especially if you've removed them to watch on the DVD player in your room
Please look after the discs like you would your own
We will have to charge you for non-returned DVDs and for DVDs which get scratched
Out of consideration for other guests, and because the mini cinema has surround-sound, we close it at 19:30 hrs.


On arrival, we entrust to you a set of keys for the duration of your stay
We would be very grateful if you would look after your keys as if they were your own
You agree not to copy these keys, nor allow them to be copied, and they remain the property of Edgar House at all times
They must not be labelled in any way that could identify them as belonging to Edgar House in case they are lost or stolen
Should they be lost or stolen you must inform the owners of Edgar House immediately
Edgar House cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to guests' belongings should any unauthorised person gain access to Edgar House because of lost or stolen keys
Your keys must be given up on request at any time

On departure, you must return your set of keys to the keep of the owners of Edgar House (Tim or Mike)
Please do not leave them in your room, in the door, nor hand them back to anyone else
Non-returned keys after departure, would be treated as lost or stolen keys
Lost or stolen keys would entail us having to change the locks
We reserve the right to charge your credit or debit card, with the costs of replacing keys, key fobs and any necessary locks, at the prevailing rate


Your guest room is fitted with a safe
We cannot recommend that you use it, it is entirely your decision
If you do decide to use it, you should remember and keep safe the combination you choose for your stay, and treat that combination number as if it were the PIN number to your bank account

Unruly behaviour

The owners, members of staff, fellow guests and visitors have the right to feel safe and unthreatened at Edgar House
We therefore cannot tolerate noisy or unruly behaviour, especially including behaviour which may be considered dangerous to life or property
For such behaviour, we reserve the right, without prior notice, to curtail your stay and ask that you leave the premises
No refunds will be given, nor can we pay costs, expenses or return travel fares for this curtailment


Dogs are very welcome in the gardens of Edgar's Riverside Eating
We regret however that Edgar House is unable to accommodate guests' pets but we do of course welcome assistance dogs
Please advise when booking your stay if you will be bringing an assistance dog

These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the laws of England


We have available for purchase, almost all of the items in our luxury bedrooms, such as toiletries, pillows and towels etc., and from the restaurant, teapots, tea and our now famous Scotty dogs
Unlike even some of the larger department stores, we are happy to offer a full refund for faulty goods, but only within the first two-weeks of purchase
Please bring your receipt with you when returning any item


Riverview (Superking/Twin) Dinner, Room & Breakfast from £135* per person

Room & Breakfast from £105.00* per person

Your private entrance hallway leads you to a beautiful bedroom where you'll instantly be taken with the large sash windows overlooking the river. To complement the high ceiling, we've added a huge chesterfield headboard above your superking bed or twin beds. Relax on the large comfy sofa, maybe curl up with one of the books from our library, or watch a complimentary film on your large LED internet-connected HD TV. *Assumes two adults sharing, and your best rate will always be available when you book direct with us. Dinners are available Wednesday through Saturday

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